I loved Diana's questioning style. I also found her solution focused coaching very motivating. I looked forward to our sessions and never felt judged or critiqued. She did everything to move me forward.

Nicola Burke

After my session with Diana, I had a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. Using the strengths profile tool, I realised that I had "learnt" strengths meaning we are likely to be more tired after using these strengths. Without the coaching session I would not have been aware of my emotions or understand why I was exhausted. 

Vanessa Tan

Diana’s coaching style is affirming or solution focused instead of focusing on struggles.

During our meetings, when we were discussing about life challenges I was facing, she would not impose her own will on me but raised questions or suggestions to help me see available options clearly so that I could explore. During coaching sessions, she allowed me to have time for self discovery. 

After attending almost a year of coaching sessions, I like the current 'me' as I am more confident and assertive.

Serena Phang

Diana is an amazing coach, applying her solution focused approach. Fantastic listener, asking clear and challenging questions, and most importantly, she is driving actions and making me accountable.

John Nielsen

Diana is a friendly and helpful coach. With sharp insight and skilful questioning, she could easily find out the hidden problem and lead me to it. Instead of providing solutions, Diana guided me to figure it out on my own. After the coaching sessions, I got to know myself better and remembered my dreams which I used to have a long time ago. I became more positive in both life and work. I was really lucky having Diana as my coach.

Tina Lee

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