Book and Pen

Hi there!
I’m Diana and it’s an honour to have you read my story.

At heart, I’m a teacher. I’ve always known I would take the teaching path as a career and I’ve stayed faithful to it until it had run its course. After more than a decade spent in teaching and education management, my passion for helping others learn and grow evolved into coaching. 

I’m now a certified Solution Focused Coach empowering Highly Sensitive People (HSP) to develop self-awareness and self-leadership in order to be successful in everything they set out to do

My personal definition of self-leadership and success is being able to be your best in good and trying times. Personally, I have not always been able to achieve that and it was at times a great source of frustration. On a quest to achieve a personal breakthrough, in 2012 I dived into what would prove to be a seven years journey into self-development. Having a deep, inquisitive nature, I was especially interested in finding answers to the big questions in life. I was intensely focused on achieving a sense of contentment and getting to know my purpose. As an avid reader and lead by my interest in spirituality, I read every esoteric and self-help book I could get my hands on. I looked for answers not just regarding life, but also afterlife. I searched for the deepest connections that could explain the meaning of life and how to attain self-fulfilment. 

All the insights I was accumulating coupled with my innately empathetic nature helped me provide useful support to friends at key stages of their life. I got hooked on the high that making a difference in someone’s life gives. Around that time I also became conscious of how acutely aware I was of other people’s inner realities. I could often read the room and read what those around me were feeling, and at times I could predict how certain situations would evolve based on all the data I was receiving intuitively.

I started questioning what the purpose of having such abilities was since there was nothing much I could do to make a difference. I dwelled on the idea of becoming a counsellor, but my career in education was keeping me engaged and busy enough to have little time for a new venture. I then stumbled upon coaching. Finally, there was something that would allow me to show up for others in a way that would matter. It seemed that things were aligning for me to attend a coach training which I did.

The coach training I attended to become a Solution Focused Coach challenged me to grow in an even more meaningful way. I learned about the notion of assumptions and that as a coach, I would not show up for my clients based on what I thought I knew was best. I would instead show up with curiosity and the deepest respect for the clients’s resourcefulness and desires. I thus let go of the book knowledge about self-development, trusting that each and every client is resourceful and that with the right questions in a conducive coaching space, clients will find what they are looking for and have their much longed for breakthroughs

Having coaching as the avenue that allowed me to show up for others and utilise my strengths, I began to reflect on patterns in my clients and people I had helped even before being a coach to identify whom I was able to serve best. I remembered from my years of research into self-development and spirituality that there was a certain category of people that were different than the more “neutral” majority when it comes to that deep empathy that allows one to perceive, even if filtered, another’s inner reality. I realised that I knew a lot of such individuals and most of them were people I was able to help in some way or another as I knew their woes and their trials that had once been my own. There was lots of information on “Empaths” and this concept was starting to gain traction, especially in spirituality-based circles, but I needed more concrete, science-driven data.  

As it happens when we keep an eye on a target, it did not take long for me to come across Elaine Aaron’s research on what she coined the HSP - Highly Sensitive Person. I had finally found what I was looking for - researched information and explanations on what had previously seemed supernatural and “woo woo”. I knew I was an HSP and so were some of those closest to me, including some of my best team members at work. I was surprised that HSPs make up only 20% of the human population, and some animal species. Only 20%, but HSPs made up most of the people I enjoyed calling friends and amazing individuals I was working with who were resourceful, had humanity-driven values and were incredibly strong, despite them not knowing it. 

As my own journey towards leadership and self-leadership was beginning to take shape, I realised where I could make a difference through coaching. Tapping again on my desire to learn, I immersed myself into Elaine Aaron’s research on HSPs.  As an HSP, I identified what areas of personal growth and self-leadership I worked on that have helped me thrive and become successful according to my definition of success - being my best in good and trying times. I now coach HSPs to become self-aware and self-empowered so that they can go out into the world and achieve all the great things that I know they are capable of. 

There is much to say and share about HSPs and I hope to be able to offer the knowledge and information through my work moving forward. 
If you are still reading this, you may perhaps want to know more. Maybe you believe you are an HSP or you know someone who is one. No matter the reason you are on this page reading this story, I am grateful and honoured to have you here. I would also be delighted to get in touch with you and hear YOUR STORY. If you need some type of support to start moving into a better place in your life, a place where you can be more of YOU, I would be happy to share more on Solution Focused Coaching and how it can play a part in taking you to that empowered space of self-awareness, self-leadership and success. 

Till then, all the best.