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Welcome! I'm Diana.

Is the concept of Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) something you have come across before or is it a completely new concept to you? For many years I knew I was different and I even assumed I had supernatural abilities. I could "read the room" and was acutely aware of others' emotions. But I was also easily swayed by those around me and by everything I was perceiving. Hearing my own voice and saying no to people and distractions was often a challenge. I spent many years working on my personal development and had a number of breakthroughs that lead me to becoming a coach so that I can empower others to make breakthroughs in their own lives as well.

My deep passion lies in working with HSPs as I have witnessed the power, resourcefulness and deeper purpose that lies hidden in them, waiting to be uncovered, mastered and shared with the world.
It is my best hope that more HSPs become self-aware and self-empowered, so they can go out and take the world by storm as the new generation of leaders. 

Are you an HSP ready to be your full awesome self in this world that is unaware of the great gifts you bring? Or are you perhaps someone who has not yet fully grasped how your sensitivity can be a strength?
Allow me to accompany you in your journey of self-awareness and self-empowerment through the safe Solution Focused coaching space I provide. You will be amazed of what you will discover about your personal gifts. I see you in your full brilliance, power and potential. Do you?

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Would you consider yourself to be assertive?

HSPs may often appear to be non-assertive. As an HSP myself, assertiveness was a concept I had to consciously integrate in my thinking and behaviour. I see the struggle with being comfortably assertive in many clients, co-workers and friends. As an HSP, you may already have a habit of giving in to what others want from you or from a situation. This may leave you dissatisfied and overthinking for days or weeks. There are practical steps that you can take to learn how to not just be more assertive, but also to get comfortable with it which does not come easy to HSPs who never wish to ruffle feathers. It will be revealing to realise how far you will be able to go in work and life when you are positively assertive, and how much your relationships will improve over time.


What should you expect from working together?

Each coaching session provides a safe and empowering space where we will delve into topics that are important to you. You will be amazed by how the session flow will allow you to see yourself in a new light, with your personal strengths and gifts starting to emerge and shine. When ready, you will be able to identify steps to put your new awareness into useful actions that will help you become the self-aware and self-actualised leader that deep down you know you are. Each session will bring unique insights, and below are only a few of the things that may emerge. 

Discovering your unique strengths and learning how to dial them up in your personal and work context.

Learning how to turn your sensitivity into your greatest tool for self-actualisation. 

Becoming aware of your intuition and using it as a powerful decision-making tool which will help you navigate your work and personal life with wisdom and self-empowerment.

Identifying strategies that will support you to show up and play your part, even when things get tough. 

Learning how to set up healthy boundaries in your personal and work relationships in order to feel at your optimum and be your best in everything you do. 

Uncovering your innate assertiveness and leadership skills.

Creating more opportunities in your life by learning how to say no when needed.

Turning your core values into the fuel for making your wildest dreams come true. 

Building your self-esteem, confidence and resilience. 

Finding your voice and improving your communication skills.

Making progress with short and long term projects.

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